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Choo Mei Sze, Our First Youth Ambassador for National Cancer Society Malaysia

Ever since she was a teenager, Choo Mei Sze’s dream was to help the youth and their socio-emotional well being. She used to help out at an orphanage by tutoring less fortunate children with the intention of helping them find the right path to success.

On June 2014, Choo Mei Sze was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer and that was the start of a whole new journey for her.

Her story went viral and has touched many people including other cancer patients from Malaysia, Singapore and even as far as Indonesia. Mei Sze hopes that by charting her battle on her blog and social media platforms, it can encourage other cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers to share their experiences as well.

Today, Mei Sze is a successful blogger, TV personality, columnist, emcee and a voice for many youths out there. She has a lot on her plate but her biggest passion remains the same to this day — to help less fortunate youths by reaching out to them.

With this, we at The National Cancer Society of Malaysia are happy to announce that Mei Sze will be our FIRST Youth Ambassador! To start, we will be organising our First Ever Youth Cancer Support Group on May 28th that will be led by Mei Sze herself.

Together, let’s raise cancer awareness in Malaysia to a higher level. Read more about her journey here.

If you are a cancer survivor, aged 15 to 35, don’t miss out this opportunity to meet and mingle. We hope to see you there!

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