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Cycling to the seven wonders of the world to fundraise for children with cancer

He’s walked from KL to Kelantan, cycled from Alor Star to China, all to raise funds for the victims of the Kelantan flood. This year, David Wu will be cycling around the world to fundraise for children with cancer.

Starting from August 31 — one day to childhood cancer awareness month — he will ‘take’ our children to the Seven Modern Wonders of the World. Childhood cancer is symbolised by a ribbon of gold colour, which represents how precious they are.

Thank you to YB Dato’ Rohani, our Minister for Women, Family and Community Development, for starting the first Ringgit and officiating the ‘flag off’ ceremony.

For the next two years, David will be riding for gold. Let’s ride for gold with him.

Follow David’s journey in SevenWunders

Support the campaign at the People Giving page: 

Donate to our Children’s Cancer Fund: Public Bank, account no: 3988 587 622. Acct. name: The National Cancer Society of Malaysia


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