WHAT WE DO: Support Groups

Support Group

Our support groups help you cope with the emotional aspects of cancer by providing a safe place to share your feelings and challenges as well as to learn from others in similar situations. We have two support groups that focus on men and women.

Male Support Group – Victory

Our male support group consists of prostate cancer survivors. The group was formed to provide an avenue for men to share their thoughts and feelings without judgement and also provide support to other men who are diagnosed with cancer.

To find out more, please contact Mr. Dass at +6012-283 2576 or email us at contact@cancer.org.my

When Pink Unity Members gather, we help each other to be strong.

– Lena Abdullah, President of Pink Unity

Our Support Group members strive to physically active – not only to stay healthy, but also to celebrate being alive. You just have to keep on moving.

– A.S Dass, Cancer Survivor & President of Male Support Group

Women Support Group – Pink Unity

Pink Unity, consisting of women cancer survivors, aims to unite survivors and also newly-diagnosed patients in their fight against cancer, and to give hope to fellow survivors. The group was formed on the principle of “By Survivors, For Survivors”, and believes that survivors can best understand the emotional needs and wants of a cancer patient.

Pink Unity hopes to create a strong bond amongst its members by encouraging each other and also newly-diagnosed patients that there is life after cancer, and that survivors can still lead a fulfilling life. It aims to instil courage, strength and positivity among the survivors so that they enjoy and embrace life to the fullest. It uses a personalised high-touch approach with a tagline “Giving Hope, Touching Hearts”.

To find out more, please email pinkunity@cancer.org.my or visit the Pink Unity Facebook Page.