WHAT WE DO: Cancer Information Service

CIS 2018

Our Cancer Information Service (CIS) is a national and multilingual helpline service that provides clear and credible information about cancer to cancer patients, their family and friends, the general public as well as healthcare professionals, free of charge.

It is a confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental service. It respect each caller’s gender, spiritual or cultural values, disability, age as well as economic, social or health status.

It is accessible by toll-free phone, email, mail, fax and in-person visits Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm West Malaysian time.

Through the CIS, NCSM aims to:

  1. Increase Malaysians’ knowledge about cancer
  2. Minimise cancer incidence as well as mortality
  3. Decrease the disease’s burden on the Malaysian healthcare services sector
  4. Form a strong support community for those affected by the disease

This is carried out through:

  • Providing accurate, evidence-based information for callers to make informed choices and actions. This includes cancer prevention, early detection and treatment
  • Informing callers of the available services in their location, such as medical facilities or support groups
  • Respecting and supporting the patient/doctor/health professional relationship. Whenever possible, we will encourage callers to seek medical opinions from their doctor and/or health professionals

CALL 1-800-88-1000

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 4:30pm