WHAT WE DO: Educate 


NCSM places emphasis on cancer education with the objective of increasing public’s awareness of cancer. Its main focus is on cancer prevention and early detection through screening.

Public forums and talks are frequently held at the NCSM Centre, where experts from various fields provide the most current and useful information on cancer prevention and management, nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle and mental wellness.

NCSM also has an education department, which shares cancer-related information with the public through health talks and education booths. They travel to schools, colleges, universities, communities, companies and health fairs to provide general cancer information as well as ways to prevent it.

The education team, comprising of executives from scientific backgrounds, dietitians as well as smoking cessation expert, also carry out health programmes as well as research.

To request for educational talks or or to invite us to participate in health-related events, please call our Education Department +603-2698 7300 or email contact@cancer.org.my