Young Support Group V1 Flyer 25 June

Youth Support Group Sharing Session

Youth Cancer Support Group first meeting was held on Saturday, 28 May. 14  people attended, including 8 survivors, NCSM’s Youth Ambassador, Choo Mei Sze, Support Group Facilitator, Mary Anderson, a caregiver and 3 volunteers.

The survivors were between the age of 18 to 34 and all of them shared and discussed their cancer journey and what it was like to not have a support group around their age group.

The purpose of setting up the NCSM Youth Support Group is to bring together young cancer survivors and help them build a safe & private space to share and support each other without burdening their loved ones.

The next meeting will be held this Saturday, 25 June 2016. Come share your stories, encourage and help each other stay strong in our newly formed Youth Support Group. We welcome anyone from the age of 15 to 35 who has been affected by cancer. To find out more, call our Resource & Wellness Centre at 03 2691 7624.