How do we get more Malaysian women to get more involved in early detection of cancer

Kuala Lumpur, November 5 2016 – A survey recently undertaken by WOOP has indicated that barriers to women seeking early detection were lack of awareness (48% of women wanted more information before deciding on early detection) and access to affordable cost effective means for accessing detection (27% women were seeking affordable clinics for check-up)

Source : Survey on Woop, 2016

Based on the above findings Advocacy Malaysia collaborated with National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) to raise awareness for early detection of cancer among Malaysian women via the campaign “Spread The Word to Stop The Spread” in early June 2016.

However unlike other cancer awareness campaigns of the past the objective was to build deeper engagement with participants so that there is greater understanding to prompt behaviour – to get more women to seek early detection .

The women were also encouraged to share this knowledge with their friends and family by word of mouth awareness.

The survey findings also indicated that 27% of the participants had close friends and relations with cancer and this provided a strong case for them to share their stories and knowledge generated from a better understanding of cancer.

The entire campaign was run on the Advocacy owned platform – Woop (www.woop.my) A digital platform with 40,000 socially active Malaysian women. This mobile friendly platform allows for easy sharing of feedback, creating content, sharing content with friends and family via social media, making bookings of check-ups etc…All done in a fun game like manner, within one trackable and consumer friendly platform.

The 12-week-long “Spread The Word To Stop The Spread” campaign on Woop garnered over 4,000+ sign-ups. 52% of the women were in 25-34 age group thus involving younger women who otherwise would not have sought early detection.

The easy to understand infographics on the Woop platform allowed 89% of the women to learn about cancer and the importance of early detection during the campaign.

The campaign also generated over 1,000 unique pieces of consumer generated content which was created by the participants on their own time and with their personal commitment. The easy to share methods on the Woop platform allowed for placing  this content on their personal social media channels and reaching out to about 39,000 of their peers. These unique piece of content included videos from cancer survivors and those engaging in the fight against cancer.

At the end of this campaign 50% of the women who participated stated that they had learnt new things about cancer and early detection which was not known to them before. Some of them even booked to have their check-up at The National Cancer Society of Malaysia while others donated towards the cancer fund.

The “Spread The Word To Stop The Spread” campaign on the Woop platform has shown how a deeper engagement can impact behaviour and with self-realisation comes the need to go for early detection through screening. Besides this, participants will also share their knowledge willingly on their own social networks to reach out further.

Advocacy and National Cancer Society of Malaysia are currently in the process of planning the next phase of the campaign.

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About National Cancer Society Malaysia

National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) is the first not-for-profit cancer organisation in Malaysia that provides education, care and support services for people affected by cancer. Over the last 50 years, it provides holistic cancer support to patients and caregivers. NCSM supports patients in understanding and dealing with cancer in various phases through its five cancer centres – the Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Centre, Resource and Wellness Centre, Quit Smoking Clinic and the Children’s Home of Hope and has branches in six states, i.e. Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Perak, Penang and Sarawak.

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