Coway Malaysia – “Little Heart For Cancer” Campaign

Coway, a provider of  lifestyle and home appliances  worldwide,  recently celebrated their 10th anniversary in Malaysia.   As part of their appreciation, they launched their “Little Heart For Cancer” Campaign with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia by asking people to make the ‘heart’ pose with their fingers, and posting the photos on social media, the online campaign  raised  awareness for the needy. The project complemented our  mission on educating and promoting awareness for all types of cancer.

Held from Oct to Dec 2016, the ‘Little hearts’ campaign raised  RM39,800.00 for the Society, and included donations from Coway’s on-ground staff nationwide. Coway Malaysia also  donated eight  units of clean drinking water dispensers to our Cancer and Health Screening Clinic, Nuclear Medicine Centre, Resource & Wellness Centre, our Children’s Home of Hope, and NCSM Malacca as well.

Thank you,  Coway Malaysia for your generosity.