Climb Of Hope – Survivor To Scale Everest To Raise Funds

Climb of Hope – Survivor to Scale Everest to Raise Funds

Meet the man who overcame incredible odds and has climbed the Everest Base Camp to not only raise funds for cancer awareness and support but as well as to inspire others facing similar challenges in life.

“Dealing with cancer requires the same mental adjustment and challenge to an individual’s perspective as climbing a mountain like Everest”, says cancer survivor Alex Leong, who will scale the Everest Base Camp April this yearto raise funds for the country’s leading cancer support organization, the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM).

About 15 months ago in December 2013, Alex’s life was changed forever, when he was diagnosed with Stage Three adenocarcinoma, or stomach cancer. The unanticipated news changed his life forever.

Shortly after the diagnosis by a gastroenterologist, Alex underwent major surgery that removed three quarters of his stomach, followed by an intense adjuvant treatment that involved both chemotherapy and chemo-radiation.  During those difficult and challenging months, Alex was blessed with the care, support and prayers from family members, relatives, friends and colleagues as well as a team of medical professionals and doctors.

The treatments are all completed now, and Alex has since gone through two cycles of monitoring with various scans and tests that hasn’t shown any detectable cancer cells.

Alex currently volunteers his time and support to help other cancer patients.  The sharing of his testimony and experience have touched the hearts of many other cancer patients, and their families.

Being active in sports, Alex decided to take his ultimate challenge where he would hike up the Mount Everest Base Camp in April. The Base Camp was located at an elevation of 5,645 meters above sea-level.

The Everest Base Camp expedition was part of a donation drive that aimed to raise much-needed funds for our organisation, which relies wholly on public contributions to finance its activities.

In Malaysia, cancer is the leading cause of death among medically related illnesses. One in four Malaysians have a lifetime risk of developing cancer, with the majority of patients being diagnosed at the later stage of the disease.

NCSM is dedicated to helping people who face cancer in Malaysia. The organisation supports patient services, early detection and education.

NCSM is the only non-governmental organisation (NGO) that offers medical facilities in Malaysia. We provide talks to educate the public, focusing on early detection and the prevention of cancer through a healthy lifestyle. Besides education and screening, NCSM also offers support services and counseling to persons affected by cancer as well as to their caregivers and families.

Fundraising makes a big difference in our collective fight against cancer. Every ringgit raised brings us one step closer to beating cancer.

Being a charitable organisation, our services at NCSM are subsidised or offered free of charge to deserving and less privileged individuals. For this we need the continuous support from communities and corporations and from amazing individuals such as Alex Leong.


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